Experts estimate the cost of a food basket for allergy sufferers

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A grocery basket of hypoallergenic products for one person costs 1,380 rubles for a week, the SberMarket food and goods delivery service calculated. The data was obtained on the basis of an analysis of the average prices of 65 retailers in Russia. The basket includes green vegetables, apples, bananas, pears, beef, poultry, kefir, drying.

“It is recommended to give preference to permitted seasonal vegetables of the green group, preferably thermally processed. These can be soups, vegetable stews with hypoallergenic rabbit or turkey meat. It is also worth increasing the consumption of green apples, bananas, pears, cabbage. Allowed are baked or boiled potatoes, preferably with a minimum amount of spices or without them, dairy-free cereals – rice, buckwheat, corn, “said Margarita Makukha, nutritionist of the SberZdorovye service, to Izvestia.

At the same time, she noted that some foods can indirectly exacerbate seasonal allergy symptoms. They contain allergens that can cause cross-allergic reactions in people with hay fever.

A basket with foods that can provoke allergies will cost 2023 rubles per week. This basket includes coffee, red apples and citrus fruits, tomatoes, peanuts, pork and sea fish.

Earlier, on April 17, allergist-immunologist Aleksey Bessmertny told how a person should behave when symptoms of seasonal allergy appear.

According to the specialist, if it is not possible to immediately consult a doctor, then you need to take a suitable second-generation antihistamine in a dosage according to age.