Expansion of indoor dining comes ‘a little too late’ for New York restaurateur

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New York restaurants outside of New York City can increase their capacities to 75% of normal next week, but Southbound BBQ owner Pete Mason told “Your World” host Neil Cavuto the loosening of restrictions comes “a little too late” for his business.

MASON: It’s been very trying. Trying to stay open, trying to keep going, trying to get my staff back and working again. It’s interesting, I’m glad for the people that are still operating, or who still have the ability to operate, that they are getting some relief. However, for my particular business, it’s a little too late.

Prior to opening up my own restaurant, I ran a hospitality group in New York City, so I’m not a stranger to opening venues. But I do think the businesses that were able to survive, as this reopening happens, the capacity limits could increase, they will become a little bit looser about people sitting at the bar itself because they are only 36 inches away from a bartender. There are going to be a lot of parameters that are going to allow for these businesses to have a fighting chance, make a run at it.

Had we not had the restrictions that were imposed due to the COVID protection protocols, I more than likely would not have had to close my restaurant … The dynamics of my restaurant specifically, I had large communal tables. I had a southern hospitality restaurant, so long communal tables, getting together with people, doesn’t really bode well for social distancing.


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