Excess radon was once again revealed in a kindergarten near Belgorod

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In the premises of a kindergarten near Belgorod, a study was conducted that showed an excess of radon. Public activists are asking to organize a prosecutor’s check, Bel.Ru reports on 24 February.

We are talking about kindergarten number 4, located in the village of Mayskiy. In December 2020, a public figure told Vyacheslav Gladkov about the excess of radon in it by the acting governor. Then the employees of the Center for Hygiene and Epidemiology took measurements with closed windows and doors. The results showed an increased content of radon.

The kindergarten has not yet been commissioned. Rospotrebnadzor did not issue a permit. At the same time, the department declares that there is no irritating and allergenic effect from radon. In the near future, a concrete screed will be installed in the basement of the building. The Acting Governor promised to come to the opening and check the documents confirming the quality of the work.

In 2015, a previous excess of radon was recorded in a kindergarten, and in July 2020, experts revealed an increased content of mercury – in one of the premises, the norm was exceeded 153 times. In December of the same year, control measurements showed negligible mercury content. In the body of the builders involved in the repair, she was also not found.

According to Bel.Ru, kindergarten No. 4 was built in 2016, and already closed in 2017 due to the danger of collapse. In January last year, cracks formed in the building, and a crack in the wall of the bathroom increased. After some time, a dangerous toxin was identified in the blood of several preschool children. According to the parents, the children started having breathing problems.

On the revealed violations, the public activists ask to organize a prosecutor’s check in the kindergarten.