Ex-pilot of the US Navy spoke about the meeting with the “hostile” UFO

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Former US Navy fighter pilot David Fravor spoke of his 2004 UFO encounter.

The ex-military man expressed confidence that the object he recorded was of extraterrestrial origin.

In a conversation with a researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Lex Friedman, the pilot said that the object resembled a tick-tock dragee in shape and could jam radars.

“It’s not like ‘we saw it and it disappeared.’ We saw it on a crystal clear day with four trained observers, ”Fox News quoted him on September 14.

Fravor noted that the object behaved aggressively: it sharply changed its altitude, disappeared, blocked the radar.

“This is technically an act of aggression,” added the pilot.

In April, the Pentagon released three videos showing UFOs. Later, the US military admitted that the objects may be of extraterrestrial origin. On August 14, the US military announced the creation of a working group to investigate unidentified flying objects.

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