Ex-judges of the Constitutional Court criticize the president’s decision to allocate security to Manole

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Former chairman of the Constitutional Court Viktor Puskas claims that the decision of the head of state to grant state protection to the current chairman of the Constitutional Court, Domnike Manole, raises many questions. According to him, the situation is rather strange, since the reasons for such a step are unclear, because three judges of the Constitutional Court voted for the decision of April 15.

“Why is only Domnika Manole being guarded, but not the other two judges? Why are not all judges of the Constitutional Court provided with state protection? The President of the country has the right to provide it on his own initiative, ”said Puskas.

According to the lawyer, for four decades of work in the legal system of Moldova, he never once needed state protection, although he was at the junction of not only political, but also oligarchic and material interests.

“I never needed protection because I tried to do the right thing,” said the former chairman of the Constitutional Court.

Victor Puskash claims that the current situation is very suspicious and looks more like a provocation.

“There are suspicions that this could be a provocation, because the President of the Constitutional Court complained that she was being followed some time ago. But we do not know the results, how did it end? Was there surveillance? If not, then this is a provocation, ”said the lawyer.

Another former chairman of the Constitutional Court, Dumitru Pulbere, said that if you act according to the law and in accordance with the Constitution, you should not be afraid, as the need for state protection disappears.