Every fifth resident of Russia is embarrassed to go to the toilet at work

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Every fifth resident of Russia is embarrassed to go to the toilet at the workplace. This is evidenced by the results of a survey of the platform “Zarplata.ru”, available at the disposal of “RIA Novosti”.

It is clarified that when visiting a bathroom at work, 18% of respondents experience discomfort, another 21% of respondents prefer to endure the urge, and 28% of the respondents are waiting for the right moment when the stall is empty.

25% of respondents disdain to go to the toilet at work, and 8% have never done it at all in the workplace.

According to the results of the study, women are ashamed of this action twice as often as men.

Only 15% of the respondents noted comfortable conditions for visiting the bathroom at work in Russian offices, another 16% indicated the inability to close the door in the toilet cubicle, and 29% of the respondents in the offices have not enough cubicles in the bathroom or they are constantly busy.

Another 13% of Russians pointed to an unpleasant smell and dirt in the bathroom booth. 3% of respondents do not have a toilet at all at their workplace.

In total, 2 thousand residents of the country took part in the survey.

On April 26, as a result of a survey, it became known that almost 75% of companies consider having a higher education diploma a mandatory requirement.

Representatives of more than 1600 companies from different spheres and cities of Russia took part in the survey. Of these, 74.5% called a diploma a mandatory requirement, and 41.8% noted that they refused applicants without a diploma. Another 31.3% continued to consider a candidate in the absence of a diploma.