Ethnographic Museum “drowned” in the Yaroslavl Region

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The rising water level in the Volga threatens the integrity of the unique ethnographic museum. In the Nekrasovsky District, the territory of the Salt Island Museum was completely submerged. The museum was built in order to demonstrate how the process of cooking salt was going on in the Nekrasovsky district. And it has always been in great demand among tourist groups. However, this year the elements called into question the work of the museum.

The discharge at the Rybinsk hydroelectric power station will continue for at least another day. At the moment, in the Yaroslavl region, 7 horticultures are flooded – including those that were seriously affected last spring by the same problem – a massive discharge of water. In total, more than 270 areas were flooded.

The water level in Yaroslavl on the evening of May 3 was 86.65 meters in the Baltic system.