Essential Steps to Do Immediately After Getting Mosquito Bite on Eyelid

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Mosquitoes are among the most dreaded insects out there and they tend to be active mostly at night or in the evenings. They can be relentless during the summer, and this may lead to discomfort for many people. In case you are unlucky and it bites on your eyelid, what should you do?

What does a bite on the eyelid look like?

Anytime a mosquito bites your eyelid, inflammation, and redness of the surrounding area will become visible. Generally, because the tissue that surrounds the eyelid is loose, there may be some accumulation of fluids, and in worst-case scenarios; this could make it hard for your eye to open. Also, itching and discomfort will be felt, and in some instances, this itching may last for up to a few days. However, you are advised to avoid rubbing your eyes because this could cause more irritation and swelling.

How dangerous are these bites?

Although these bites are not very dangerous, the amount of swelling and itching which they can cause can be very intense. Children and other younger persons are more susceptible to swellings after being bitten by a mosquito. Although the appearance of your child’s eye may worry you, this should be okay after a few days even without treatment.

An infected mosquito bite-how does it look like?

There are instances where a mosquito bite can be infected and this is where you should get worried. Among the signs that could point out to an infection include:

  • The existence of a discharge.
  • Extreme pain around the eye.
  • Deep red appearance around the eye.
  • Swelling does not subside after 2-3 days.

 Remember that in scenarios where an eye is infected, the same infection could also spread to the second eye, and in a week or so, the symptoms will be visible on the eyelids of both eyes.

What you should do when you suspect an infection.

You should remain calm and contact your doctor immediately. Other than treating the infection, the medics will offer you advice about the yard mosquito control techniques which you can employ to minimize the probability of being bitten. You will be amazed to discover that there are various preventing methods that you can use to keep these troubling insects at bay.

What about home remedies?

If you are interested in home remedies, there are methods that you can use at home to treat swelling and discomfort in your eye and among the most common of these methods include.

1. Use cold compresses

Put a wet compress on the eye area for up to 20 minutes, and three times a day to help reduce the swelling, and also numb the itchiness. However, you need to ensure that the compress isn’t very cold because this may lead to damage to the skin that surrounds your eye.

2. Try allergy medications

You can use some antihistamines, which can be in tablet or liquid form. This helps to reduce inflammation. But make sure that you follow instructions that have been shown on the label.

3. Use eye drops

There are various kinds of eye drops that are available in the market which can help to reduce the level of inflammation, while also reducing itching, and these eye drops should be used especially when your proper vision is being affected.