Endocrinologist advised to drink warm water to lower cholesterol

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The specialist considers this to be the most gentle and natural way to normalize blood cholesterol levels.

Doctor Zukhra Pavlova on her page on the social network said that a simple rule can be used to lower cholesterol levels. The endocrinologist recommends drinking one glass of warm water every morning. In this case, the main thing is that the temperature of the liquid is about 40 degrees.

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According to the doctor, cholesterol is an important component and solves the problem of hormone synthesis. However, with its excess, serious problems arise. You can’t just give up on fat – it’s much healthier to develop healthy eating habits. If you do otherwise, the liver may malfunction, and the internal organ will produce these substances incorrectly.

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As for special drugs to lower cholesterol levels, the specialist recommends using them exclusively as directed by a doctor.