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COVID-19 pandemic and security measures require, Joe Biden’s inauguration ceremony did not gather any monster crowds around the Washington Capitol on Wednesday. The event, however, attracted three big names from the showbiz American: Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez and Garth Brooks.

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To interpret the <i> Star-Spangled Banner </i>, Lady Gaga chose a Schiaparelli Haute Couture outfit.”/></source></picture>
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To interpret the Star-Spangled Banner, Lady Gaga had chosen a Schiaparelli Haute Couture outfit.

Lady Gaga opened the music portion of the event shortly after 11 a.m. Wearing a puffy red skirt and a navy jacket adorned with an enormous golden brooch representing a dove carrying an olive branch, symbol of peace par excellence, the singer-songwriter brought out of the boxes her training in classical singing to use the national anthem.

Although not perfect, his interpretation was felt.

The 34-year-old artist was visibly nervous. It must be said that she pushed the note in front of a particularly unusual audience, made up of three former presidential couples: Barack and Michelle Obama, Bill and Hilary Clinton, and George W. and Laura Bush.

Well-felt messages

And a few minutes before leaving the Capitol, Lady Gaga had emphasized on Twitter how much she cherished this moment. “I will sing during a ceremony, a transition, a moment of change […]. For me, this is very significant. “

“My goal is to honor our past, heal our present and inspire a future we work together with love. ”

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No false note from Jennifer Lopez’s side, but her lipsync probably had something to do with it. All dressed in white, the star of Puerto Rican origin offered a medley of two songs rich in meaning, given the anti-immigration rhetoric of the previous administration: This Land is Your Land (in French, This land is your land) and America the Beautiful.

The actress and singer even punctuated her performance with a message of unity in Spanish, which spoke of “freedom and justice for all”. After uttering his cry with passion, J. Lo invited his Latin American compatriots to raise their voices by resuming the title of one of his greatest hits, Let’s get loud.

Jennifer Lopez performed <i> This Land is Your Land </i> and <i> America the Beautiful </i> wearing a white Chanel ensemble.”/></source></picture>
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Jennifer Lopez sang This Land is Your Land and America the Beautiful wearing a white ensemble signed Chanel.

For his part, Garth Brooks showed up after Joe Biden was sworn in to resume amazing Grace with great restraint. Cowboy hat, black shirt and jeans, the country star stopped in mid-performance to invite people to sing the last verse with him, not just those who were there, but “everyone at home and in the house. job “.

To quote <i> Amazing Grace </i>, Garth Brooks had opted for a pair of jeans.”/></source></picture>
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To resume amazing Grace, Garth Brooks had opted for a pair of jeans.

A discovery

Among all the artists present, however, it was Amanda Gorman who stood out the most.

The 22-year-old poet, mostly unknown to the general public, recited a powerful text, in part inspired by the Capitol riots of early January, in which she said that over the past few years we have learned that “silence is not always synonymous with peace”.

Her speech received praise from several public figures, including Oprah Winfrey.

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