[EN DIRECT 5 MARS] All the developments of the pandemic

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Whether in Quebec or elsewhere on the planet, the COVID-19 pandemic has been disrupting our lives for nearly a year.

Here you will find all the news throughout the day related to this crisis affecting the population, governments and the economy.

The balance sheets


Case: 116 030 165

Dead: 2,578,988


Case: 881 127, whose 291 175 in Quebec

Death: 22 188, whose 10 455 in Quebec


8:41 p.m. | COVID-19: an economy on artificial respirators.

8:31 pm | Transportation companies, which offer vehicle transportation from Florida to Quebec for returning snowbirds, have concocted a ploy to prevent their customers from going through the mandatory quarantine at the hotel upon entering the country , even if they don’t have a car.

[EN DIRECT 5 MARS]  All the developments of the pandemic

Archive photo, QMI Agency (Pascal Girard)

19:36 | California relaxes criteria for reopening Disneyland and stadiums

California announced on Friday that it was relaxing its health criteria related to the pandemic and that Disneyland and other amusement parks, as well as open-air stadiums, could begin to reopen as of April 1 if certain conditions are met.

The move follows intense pressure from amusement park operators as well as a rapid decline in coronavirus cases in the state, which was hit hard by the epidemic during the winter.

19:23 | Great apes at the San Diego Zoo became the first non-human primates to be injected with COVID-19, thanks to a vaccine designed specifically for animals, zoo officials said on Twitter.

[EN DIRECT 5 MARS]  All the developments of the pandemic

5:58 pm | Less than 40% of healthy employees have been vaccinated in the Outaouais.

5:48 pm | The Parti Québécois is calling for more transparency from the Legault government regarding the sharing of vaccine doses between regions and priority groups. “The vaccines that arrive, where do they go and to whom are they given? “Asks MP Joël Arseneau, calling for the publication of a detailed plan.

5:40 pm | Second hatching at Manoir Jeffrey.

By Mélissa Fauteux

For the second time in four months, the private seniors’ residence at Manoir Jeffrey, in Val-des-Sources, is grappling with an outbreak of COVID-19 cases.

Since Tuesday, 19 residents and three employees have contracted the virus. However, the vast majority of seniors received their vaccine on February 20.

But clearly, being vaccinated does not mean being immediately immune.

“There is a delay before the immunity takes effect,” explained Dr. Alain Poirier, Director of Public Health in the Eastern Townships. Usually it’s two weeks, but with age the immunity is less strong so we often say that it can take three weeks. ”

A situation which makes the mayor of Val-des-Sources, Hugues Grimard, say that it is better to stay on guard. “We have to worry about the next few days and weeks. I think there is really nothing being played. You really have to be careful and follow the instructions, as I say all the time. ”

Massive new screening is scheduled for Monday at Manoir Jeffrey.

17:31 | With travel industry at a standstill, travel clinics are raising their hands to help with COVID-19 vaccination campaign, but appear to be being ignored by the government

4:50 p.m. | Limited hours for appointments, number of people vaccinated which does not increase quickly enough, maze of procedures for those who wish to help with vaccination, TVA Nouvelles health specialist Diane Lamarre considers that the current campaign in Quebec could be much more intense.

4:43 pm | Ontario vaccine distributor Rick Hillier predicted on Friday that all citizens of the province who so desire will receive their first COVID-19 inoculation by June 20.

3:32 pm | The World Health Organization on Friday urged people not to spoil the hope created by vaccines by slackening their efforts in the face of the pandemic, which still rages in many countries.

[EN DIRECT 5 MARS]  All the developments of the pandemic

3:15 p.m. | Several hundred people attended an outdoor concert hosted by Tel Aviv City Hall on Friday, the first in a series of musical performances organized for people vaccinated against the coronavirus.

[EN DIRECT 5 MARS]  All the developments of the pandemic

3:12 p.m. | The head of the WHO promised Friday that the report of the experts dispatched to China to investigate the origins of the pandemic will be done in “full transparency”, in the face of the suspicions that continue to hang over the mission.

[EN DIRECT 5 MARS]  All the developments of the pandemic

3:04 pm | Coronavirus contaminations continued to rebound in Europe this week, while remaining stable globally: here are the significant weekly developments, taken from an AFP database.

14:55 | The federal government paid $ 34.50 on average for each dose of COVID-19 vaccine in January.

[EN DIRECT 5 MARS]  All the developments of the pandemic

13:48 | While some believe the federal government has been too generous with its Canada Emergency Benefit program, some believe it was the right thing to do.

11:57 am | The Swiss government wishes to offer each person five self-tests for COVID-19, in order to support the restart of economic and social life.

[EN DIRECT 5 MARS]  All the developments of the pandemic

11:47 am | The cases of COVID-19 increased on Friday on the dashboards of public health in Quebec and Ontario.

[EN DIRECT 5 MARS]  All the developments of the pandemic

11:19 am | Bas-Saint-Laurent Public Health confirms an outbreak of COVID-19 at Cégep de Matane. So far, three students and a teacher have contracted the virus.

11h00 | Quebec reports 798 additional cases and 10 deaths, bringing the total to 291,175 infected people and 10,455 deaths since the start of the pandemic.

[EN DIRECT 5 MARS]  All the developments of the pandemic

QMI Agency archive photo, Joël Lemay

9:43 am | Quebec has chosen the emblem of the white rose as part of the National Day of National Commemoration of the Victims of COVID-19.

[EN DIRECT 5 MARS]  All the developments of the pandemic

9:38 am | Health Canada gives the green light to the single dose vaccine against COVID developed by Johnson & Johnson. This is the 4th vaccine approved in the country.

[EN DIRECT 5 MARS]  All the developments of the pandemic

8:41 am | COVID-19: Mali receives its first batch of vaccines.

Mali received its first batch of coronavirus vaccines on Friday thanks to the Covax device created by the World Health Organization (WHO) for the benefit of the poorest countries, AFP journalists noted.

The first batch of 396,000 doses of the Anglo-Swedish AstraZeneca vaccine was received at the end of the morning at Bamako airport by the President of the transition, Bah Ndaw, in the presence of representatives of WHO and the United Nations for Children (Unicef).

“Mali is the first country in the central Sahel to receive these vaccines against COVID-19,” Sylvie Fouet, the representative in Mali of UNICEF, said in a statement.

Mali, a poor country of around 20 million inhabitants plunged for years into a security turmoil coupled with a political and economic crisis, has officially recorded 8,470 cases of coronavirus, including 357 deaths.

At the end of January, the government had indicated that it wanted to acquire 8.4 million doses as part of the Covax initiative.

8:15 am | Less than five months before the opening of the Tokyo Olympics, the Japanese government extended for two weeks on Friday, until March 21, the state of emergency still in force in the capital and its three neighboring departments facing the coronavirus.

4:30 am | Solicited by the Federation of Chambers of Commerce of Quebec (FCCQ), more than 350 companies have announced their participation in the COVID-19 vaccination campaign.

12:45 am | His images of patients bedridden in a hospital corridor in Wuhan gave a rare glimpse of the sanitary conditions in the first city in the world to be affected by the coronavirus. A year later, on hunger strike, “citizen journalist” Zhang Zhan pays for this audacity in a Chinese prison.

00h00 | Restaurant owners in the Quebec City and Chaudière-Appalaches regions will likely have to “play police” by refusing customers from red zones on a daily basis, according to their counterparts in the Saguenay – Lac-Saint-Jean region.

00h00 | Quebec is looking for pairs of arms to increase its vaccination rate, but yet refuses help from travel clinics, despite their expertise and their facilities.

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