[EN DIRECT 29 NOVEMBRE] All developments in the COVID-19 pandemic

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Here you will find all the news related to this crisis which has hit the population, governments and the economy for several months.



Case: 62 586 806

Death: 1,457,319


Case: 366,200, 141,038 in Quebec

Death: 11,988 deaths, 7,033 in Quebec


4:21 pm | New York’s public elementary schools will reopen on Dec. 7, as will schools for children with learning disabilities, despite a new surge in COVID-19 cases, city mayor Bill de Blasio.

2:57 pm | About fifteen opponents of health measures demonstrated on Sunday afternoon in front of what they believed to be the residence of Prime Minister François Legault, in Westmount.


13:50 | More than 1,300 positive tests have been thrown in the UK after a lab error was discovered, a report released on Saturday said.

12.50pm | While cases remain at a high level in Quebec, we feel that measurement fatigue is setting in. Despite the bans, many rallies have taken place in the past few hours.

11:40 am | Several thousand caregivers affected by the pandemic marched in Madrid on Sunday in support of the Spanish public health system.

Wielding placards calling for “100% public health” and “no more trash contracts”, the demonstrators marched to the rhythm of drums in the streets of the Spanish capital at the call of the Marée Blanche (Marea Blanca) platform bringing together several organizations professional.

11:30 am | Immunologist Anthony Fauci, a highly respected scientific figure in the United States, warned on Sunday of a sharp rise in the curve of COVID-19 contaminations after the Thanksgiving holiday, marked by the displacement of millions of Americans across the country.

11 am | Quebec has recorded 1,395 new cases of COVID-19 and 12 additional deaths, bringing the total to 141,038 infected people and 7,033 deaths since the start of the pandemic.

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9:40 am | If the rise in cases of COVID-19 infection continues, Quebeckers will have to give up the two Christmas gatherings allowed, warns epidemiologist Nimâ Machouf.

8:15 am | The members of Québec solidaire, Alexandre Leduc and Vincent Marissal, joined the City of Montreal on Sunday morning to request the imminent reopening of the Botanical Garden.

7 am | What a mother of eight dreaded after being denied virtual school finally happened: COVID-19 has infected almost the entire family and deprived them of income for more than a month.

7 am | Independent anti-mask “cells” are gradually being formed throughout the province in order to create group gatherings in shops..

7 am | Several ski resorts took advantage of the cold temperatures of the last week to open a few trails, to the delight of fans who hastened to book their tickets to enjoy them all weekend.

7 am | The pandemic and telecommuting lead to an increase in consultations with optometrists in the province, especially for dry eyes and headaches.

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