[EN DIRECT 24 novembre] All developments in the COVID-19 pandemic

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You will find here all the news throughout the day related to this crisis which has hit the population, governments and the economy for several months.



Case: 59 365 258

Death: 1,399,373


Case: 339 688, 134 330 in Quebec

Death : 11,521 deaths, 6,842 in Quebec


13:47 | France crosses the 50,000 death mark.

13:43 | Coronavirus: Family reunions allowed at Christmas in UK.

British authorities decided on Tuesday to ease for a few days over Christmas the restrictions in place to fight the pandemic caused by the new coronavirus to allow family reunions.

Three different households will be able to come together in one place and only for a period of up to five days, from December 23 to 27 and families will be able to move around the UK, the government said, after a meeting between the leaders of the four constituent nations of this country (Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and England).

Restrictions vary in the UK, but in significant parts of its territory two different households are not allowed to meet indoors. And across England, any meeting is limited to six people.

“These bubbles will be an opportunity for people to meet close friends and family in a very small way to ensure that those we love can be by our side at this special time, but only for a limited time.” , said British Minister Michael Gove, responsible for coordinating government action.

Nearly 56,000 people who tested positive for the new coronavirus have died in the UK, the highest toll in Europe. And more than 600 new deaths were announced on Tuesday, a 24-hour record since May.

13:19 | COVID-19: Logistics in place in the United States to vaccinate 6 million people in the first week.

13:12 | Less than a week after the unveiling of its holiday game plan, public health is already tightening the rules: Quebecers will finally have to limit themselves to two gatherings, from December 24 to 27.

11:50 am | Prime Minister Justin Trudeau maintains that the arrival in Canada of the first doses of COVID-19 vaccines will occur in the first months of 2021 since countries with large pharmaceuticals like the United States will first begin distribution within their population.

11:24 am | The intra-team game scheduled for this noon at the Junior Team Canada selection camp has been canceled after two players tested positive for COVID-19.

11:02 am | 45 deaths add to the sad toll of victims of the virus in Quebec, while the province reports 1,124 new cases and 21 additional hospitalizations.

QMI Agency archive photo, Maxime Deland

11h00 | A quarter of Italians believe in conspiracy theories regarding the COVID-19 epidemic, including that the virus was created in the laboratory to alter global balances or that it does not exist and serves as a pretext to control people, according to one poll released Tuesday.

10:30 am | After a playoff without a single case of COVID-19, the National Hockey League is hit by the pandemic, as two teams have indicated that they have confirmed positive players.

10:05 am | An official report on Tuesday heavily criticized the handling of the coronavirus epidemic in the spring in nursing homes in Sweden, struck by a massacre that has caused half of the approximately 6,500 COVID-19 deaths in the country.

8:57 am | The COVID-19 crisis has inflicted a historic shock on airlines with revenue falling by more than 60% in 2020 and only systematic screening tests could revive the market while waiting for a vaccine, their estimated Tuesday. organization, Iata.

6:33 am | Helsinki is closing its high schools and banning public events.

The Finnish capital, largely untouched by the COVID-19 pandemic so far, will put in place new very restrictive restrictions because of an outbreak of cases, its mayor announced on Tuesday.

High schools, libraries and swimming pools will be closed and public events totally banned in Helsinki because of the “worrying” situation, Mayor Jan Vapaavuori told a press conference.

“We propose to use all the measures that are the responsibility of the municipality”, explained Mr. Vapaavuori, adding that the health services and follow-up of the cases risked being overwhelmed.

The effective date of the restrictions and other details will be announced at the weekend, he added.

A series of contaminations in retirement homes and homes for homeless people in recent days in Helsinki have proven the need for stricter measures, said Vapaavuori, lamenting that “too many people” have ignored health recommendations.

The municipality had so far only recommended to limit private meetings indoors and to wear the mask in certain situations.

Any restrictions on restaurants and bars or on freedom of movement will be decided by the central government.

6:31 am | Coronavirus: Russia claims its Sputnik V vaccine is 95% effective.

Russia said on Tuesday that its Sputnik V vaccine against the COVID-19 disease, developed by Moscow’s Gamaleïa research center, was 95% effective.

These are the preliminary results obtained on volunteers 42 days after the injection of the first dose, said in a statement this center, the Russian Ministry of Health and the Russian Sovereign Fund, involved in the development of this vaccine. However, they did not mention the number of cases used for the calculations.

6:30 am | Getting vaccinated against COVID-19 will likely be a condition for entering Australia.

Australia will likely require people wishing to enter its territory to have previously been vaccinated against COVID-19, an Australian official said on Tuesday detailing what the new health standard could be in the “next world”.

No final decision has been made on what restrictions will be in effect once a coronavirus vaccine hits the market, Australian Health Secretary Greg Hunt said. But he hinted that the entry requirement could be a strict two-week quarantine, or a vaccination.

For his part, the boss of the Australian airline Qantas said that it will require passengers taking its international flights to be vaccinated beforehand.

“We are considering changing our terms of use for international travelers, to tell them that we will ask people to be vaccinated before they can board the plane,” company CEO Alan said Monday evening. Joyce, on Channel Nine television.

“For domestic flights, we will have to see what happens for COVID-19, but for international travelers arriving in Australia and for people leaving the country, we think it is a necessity,” he said. he continued.

For his part, Mr Hunt said: “We expect people who come to Australia while COVID-19 remains a serious disease around the world to be either vaccinated or placed in isolation.”

6:26 am | Shanghai: hundreds of flights canceled after seven cases of Covid.

Hundreds of flights were canceled Tuesday at the largest international airport in Shanghai (east China), after the discovery of several cases of COVID-19 linked to air cargo workers.

The Chinese economic capital (24 million inhabitants) reported this month of seven local patients.

Most of the cases were detected in recent days at Pudong Airport, leading to massive employee screening and a plan to vaccinate high-risk workers.

On Tuesday, more than 500 flights (nearly half of those planned for the day) were canceled from Shanghai-Pudong, according to the specialized site Variflight.

More than 45% of flights to the same airport have also been cut.

On the night of Sunday to Monday, medical personnel in full protective suits drove a crowd of employees to a parking lot to test for the coronavirus.

China, where the new coronavirus was first detected last year, has largely contained the epidemic since the spring, thanks to tests, lockdowns, quarantines and movement tracking. Life has resumed an almost normal course, with the exception of localized outbreaks.

1h02 | The British government waited on its anti-Covid-19 budget potion.

1h00 | Citizens of the Saint-Michel district are worried about seeing hundreds of faithful gather in a “church”, where a pastor openly encourages them to ignore sanitary measures.

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