Emile Driving School’s Road Test Preparation: All You Need to Know

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Emile Driving School’s Road Test Preparation: All You Need to Know

Whether you just bought yourself a car or are about to buy one very soon, learning how to drive can be a great help during both emergencies and casual outings alike. Not all of us can afford chauffeurs, and requesting a friend to drive you around is rarely an option. Here’s the good news: learning to drive can be simpler than you presume, and if you are at the hands of an experienced batch of drivers managed by a responsible and licensed driving school, you are all set! Give it a few months and bam- you will be cruising the roads of Malden with your windows down and music up.

Safety is of utmost importance, when it comes to driving. We all know the ABC-s of learning to drive- concentration, sobriety, and street smartness. These are core values that will stay with you from your learning period till the day you continue driving, even after you receive your official driver’s license. Needless to say, once you go through the learning period under the guidance of your learning school, you will have to appear for a driving test. We have seen its portrayal in movies and TV shows, and you will have to sit through- well, drive through- one by yourself now! At Emile’s Driving School, you can rest assured that you will be receiving the best in class driving lessons under experienced professionals who have been meticulously trained over the years.

Emile Driving School’s Road Test

Before we take you through the road test, you will first be taught al[l the nitty-gritties of driving- be it theoretical or application-centric. You’ll be surprised to know how important theoretical knowledge can be, when it comes to driving a four-wheeler. Knowing a little about what you need for the road test can help in your preparation journey. Moreover, a little heads up never hurt anyone, and will go a long way in soothing your nerves.

Here are the requisites of our road test preparation:

  • Pre-driving checks
  • Start engine
  • Hand signal
  • Start/stop vehicle
  • Backing approximately up to 50-100 feet
  • Parallel parking
  • Turn around the curb
  • Left/right turn
  • Start/stop/ turn vehicle up and down hill
  • Enter and leave intersections
  • Three point turn
  • Adhering to driving rules
  • Recognizing and obeying traffic signs, lights, and signal
  • Driving on highways

While this might seem like a rather long list, it is hardly the truth. Once you go through the preliminary training sessions under the watchful eye of our professional trainers, the aforementioned pointers will start coming naturally to you. Driving, when learnt well, can become second nature. The most important thing to remember is that this is not an exhaustive list, for driving is made of numerous small and big requisites. It’s best to get in touch with your driving trainer to get a thorough understanding of what might be expected of you.

Get in touch with Emile Driving School now, and enroll yourself as a learner!