Efremov spoke about life in the colony

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Russian actor Mikhail Efremov, who is serving a sentence in a colony for a fatal accident, told reporters about his life in the colony and about the things that bring him pleasure.

According to the actor, despite the fact that life in the colony at first seemed unusual to him, it turned out to be not so scary. However, it took Efremov several months to adapt to the new lifestyle, the artist admitted in an interview with StarHit.

“The colony is not scary. It was a little unusual that the tough regime, the system of life, was regulated in everything. I had to get used to it. The way I lived before – there was no system there. I got used to it for two or three months “, – said Efremov.

He said that some aspects of life in the colony give him pleasure, stressing that he does not lose his optimistic mood, writes Gazeta.ru.

All kinds of events in the colony where I can attend as a spectator or a fan – it gives me pleasure. Football matches are also held. I myself am good at table tennis. I don’t play here yet, but in the future I would like to ”, – said the artist.

In April, the actor’s lawyer Pyotr Kharkhorin announced the physical and mental condition of Efremov. According to him, the artist, as far as possible, is “cheerful and cheerful.” Kharkhorin clarified that the actor works in a sewing workshop. According to him, Efremov was offered to go to work in the library, but he refused, because he did not want to sit there alone and he needed society.

Efremov is serving his sentence in a colony in Belgorodskaya Alekseevka due to a fatal traffic accident that occurred on June 8 last year on Smolenskaya Square. His SUV flew into oncoming traffic and collided with a Lada van. The driver of the domestic car, Sergei Zakharov, died from his injuries in the hospital. The examination established that at the time of the accident, Efremov was intoxicated, and traces of drugs were found in his body.

On September 8, the court sentenced Mikhail Efremov to eight years in a general regime colony. Also, the artist was stripped of his driver’s license for three years. In addition, the actor was ordered to pay compensation to the widow, brother and sons of the deceased. Also, the court appointed Efremov a three-year ban on driving a car after his release. At the same time, the court decided not to deprive the actor of state awards.

In October, the appellate instance mitigated the sentence, reducing Efremova’s term to 7.5 years in a general regime colony.