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Are you looking for a free PDF editor? There are many so-called free PDF readers and editors in the market, but most of them are not truly free and have some limitations for document processing. To be exact, some of them are free trial versions. Unlike those PDF editors, UPDF by Superace Software Technologies is a completely free PDF editor without limitations.

It can help you edit and annotate PDF files easily and free of cost. In this article, you will know about the best PDF file editing tool that allows you to use it securely and freely on your Mac system.


How Can I Edit a PDF Document for Free?

Regarding editing a PDF document for free, it is a hard task without any limitations. But UPDF can help you solve this problem perfectly. It is a completely free PDF editor that allows you to edit text and image in PDF seamlessly. You can use its all features for free without any security issues and share your files with others in one place. If you want to edit a PDF file for free, UPDF is the best choice for you.

To edit a PDF document, you can download and launch UPDF, then open your PDF with it. Next, you can click the “Edit” icon to start editing your PDF file. This free PDF editor enables you to edit text and images as you desired.


Here are some key features of UPDF you shouldn’t miss.

Make Annotations on PDF Easily

While you reading a PDF document, you may need to markup some important information or review some points. This time, you can annotate your document with UPDF. It allows you to highlight, underline, and strikeout texts in PDF. Also, UPDF enables you to add notes to PDF, helping you write some reviews for some points to a better understanding. Moreover, if you need to draw on PDF, it is available to add rectangles, ovals, arrows, and lines to PDF by UPDF. After adding these shapes, you can also change the shape properties, such as style, thickness, fill color, opacity, and color.

Organize Pages in PDF Files Quickly

If you want to add new pages or remove pages from a PDF file, you can do this using the UPDF page remover function easily. This feature helps you organize pages in PDF documents according to your needs and make it easier to manage page. For example, you can rotate, extract, and delete PDF pages quickly without any cost.

Modify PDF Text Seamlessly

Are you in need of modifying text in PDF files to renew your files? UPDF has an instant Text editing feature that helps you to add or remove text in PDF files instantly. You can also copy, cut and paste text in your PDF files easily. If you want to modify existing texts, you can change the text font, size, color, font style and typeface, etc.

Change Images in PDF Effortlessly

For images in PDF, UPDF allows you to crop, extract, and rotate the image or object as you desired. Besides, you can also add, delete, and replace any images in your PDF file. That’s quite convenient and simple to change images in PDF files.

Share Files with Others Directly

Now you do not need to save files for sharing with others because UPDF allows you to share your PDF files through email after editing. It is noted that you can save your changed PDF without watermarks, and then directly send it to others by email.

Benefits of Using UPDF

  • All features of UPDF are 100% free.
  • Viewing and editing and features are available in one place to manage your PDF files on your system.
  • Save the documents in original formats after editing without watermarks.
  • Edit unlimited files without any limitations and pay the cost for any tool in UPDF.
  • The editor has a unique and delightful interface that helps you manage PDFs easier.


The instant tools and features of UPDF let you edit your PDF files and save them without watermarks. It is the best alternative to Adobe Reader with an easier interface and free of cost. Download and install this instant PDF editor on your Mac to handle PDF files and edit them for free.