Earring Models that Complement Different Hairdos

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We know that every woman likes to wear jewelry, and earrings are definitely a staple in the jewelry collection. It’s a piece of jewelry that we practically wear every single day. Many of us struggle with finding perfect earrings that complement different hairstyles that we sport for different occasions and end up repeating the same pair over and over again.

Let’s break this monotony, and let us help you with picking the perfect pair, no matter what hairdo you decide to flaunt!  

1. Shorthair/ Bob Cut/ Blunt Cut-

Most women who are tomboys with a super short haircut, are often under an impression that studs are the only way to go. We have some fabulous news for you! Medium-length gold tassels or chandeliers look super sexy with short-length hair. It draws attention to your face and delicate neckline. If you are looking for lightweight fine gold and diamond jewelry, then look no further than the online website of Melorra. This page presents you with unique earring designs that you will promptly fall in love with. 

2. Ponytail- Ponytails are the most common hairdo that girls or women sport that matches both casual jeans look, or a sophisticated pant shirt look. Match this hairstyle with large statement studs or grab the attention of people with cute huggies or J-hoop earrings. Since the hair is completely pulled back, this is a great opportunity to show off your ear cuffs collection. What to add a little bit of drama to your high-rise ponytail? Wear hoops! 

3. Let Down Hair- When you leave your hair open, the ears get hidden so the focus is shifted away. To bring back the attention, wear large statement studs. Avoid long dangler earrings because they will go unnoticed and blend away with the open hair. 

4. Low Buns- It’s a hairstyle where you pull back your hair into a bun that sits just on your nape. This hairstyle goes well with your formal outfits, and teardrop earrings are the best pick. You should pick earrings that are studded with bright-colored gemstones to add a spark of vibrant color. Confused about where you can shop for the latest designs of gemstone jewelry? Then head to this website to purchase gemstone earrings that are pocket-friendly. 

5. Braids-  Wearing your hair in a braid is a very common hairstyle that most women in India follow especially when they have long hair. Braided hair is also another hairstyle that pulls back the hair away from your face, allowing you to flaunt different types of earrings with ease. If your outfit is ethenic, then pick a pair of jhumkas or chandbalis to swing in style. 

6. Curly Hair- We know that curly hair when left open is voluminous, and hence the choice of earrings also should be bigger to match the volume. Oversize, gold hoops that are studded with diamonds are a beautiful choice when you want to effortlessly look chic. If you want to settle for shoulder-duster danglers then go with ones that have a broader base to get noticed. 

So go ahead and show off your different earring collections with different hairdos and outfits with confidence!