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Earache, ringing in the ears and hearing loss

There are many ear disorders that can be responsible for these symptoms. Diseases of the ears can therefore have far-reaching consequences and are perceived by those affected as very debilitating. Probably the best known and most widespread ear disease is otitis media, which is often associated with a fever and is a recurring topic, especially among children. But besides otitis media, there are many other ear diseases – and many of them can temporarily or permanently impair hearing. Here you will find an overview of the most common ear diseases and their symptoms.


The following applies to all ear diseases: the sooner they are properly treated, the better the chances of recovery. Therefore, an early diagnosis by an ENT specialist Doctor Paul Lambert in Belgium (neus keel oorarts Oostende) is a prerequisite for a quick recovery. Many ear diseases, if not treated properly, in good time or not consistently, can lead to permanent damage to health and permanent hearing loss.


Ear canal inflammation, otitis media

Ear canal inflammation is a bacterial infection in the external ear canal. In the case of otitis media, the mucous membrane of the tympanic cavity (cavity in the middle ear) is inflamed.



Otosclerosis is a slowly progressing disease of the middle and inner ear in which the originally mobile ossicular chain becomes hardened.


Tinnitus, sudden hearing loss, pop trauma

Tinnitus, also known as ringing in the ears or ringing in the ears, is a false perception of the hearing in which subjective noises in the ear are heard for which there is no objective noise source. Sudden unilateral hearing loss, uncomfortable pressure in the ear and tinnitus – these symptoms speak for a sudden hearing loss.


Positional vertigo, Meniere’s disease

The cause of the positional vertigo are detached ear stones, which irritate the sensory hairs in the equilibrium organ and thus convey incorrect information to the brain. The causes of Menière’s disease have not yet been conclusively clarified, so this disease is not completely curable. However, drug treatment can significantly reduce symptoms.


Ejaculation of the ear, torn eardrum

The causes of a tympanic effusion are often a runny nose or a flu-like infection. A hole in the eardrum is often caused by foreign objects (such as cotton swabs) in the ear or an ear effusion.



Barotrauma can occur as a result of a rapid and strong change in the ambient pressure – for example when flying or diving. If a barotrauma is suspected, an ENT specialist should be consulted immediately, who will professionally treat the injuries.


Age-related hearing loss

This form of hearing loss is due to natural degeneration processes in our body with age.



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