Dzhanabaeva showed the pen of her newborn daughter

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Singer Albina Dzhanabaeva published the first picture associated with the appearance of a long-awaited daughter. She and her husband Valery Meladze have not yet declassified the name of the baby.

The picture shows the tiny pen of the baby that was born. Star mom said she was really happy. “Thank you, dear, everyone for the congratulations and wishes, they are very warm,” she said.

“Let all kind words scatter to the senders, making you happier,” added Albina.

Fans were delighted with the publication. “Let the princess grow up healthy and happy!”, “Hurraya with the birth of the princess,” “Congratulations, my dear !!!”, she added.

Earlier it was reported that Valery Meladze and Albina Dzhanabaeva became parents for the third time. Before that, the singer was touchingly congratulating his pregnant wife on her 42nd birthday. Albina Dzhanabaeva declassified pregnancy about a month ago with the help of a spectacular photo shoot with a rounded tummy.