“Dry fountain” can be equipped on Lenin Square in Pskov

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After the reconstruction of Lenin Square in Pskov, a so-called “dry fountain” may appear in the city center. The head of the city administration Alexander Bratchikov said this during a conversation with the correspondent of the radio station “Echo of Moscow” in Pskov.

According to the Pskov city manager, now experts are considering a project for the reconstruction of public space, which will be conditionally divided into two parts. The first stage of its implementation will be the laying of engineering networks, which may be required to create a fountain and the arrangement of the pavement (its area will become larger). However, the fountain itself will not be installed immediately.

“Let’s do it without a dry fountain, let’s see what will be the attitude of our residents to this. If, nevertheless, there is a need to make a dry fountain, accordingly, this can be the next stage, “the head of the city administration explained.

By the way, the peculiarity of the “dry fountain” is that its bowl of water is underground. When the fountain is on, jets of water burst through the cobblestones. When the fountain is not functioning, the place where the water gushed remains dry.

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