Dry and cool: forecasters told about the weather in Crimea

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On March 21, dry and relatively cool weather will set in Crimea.

The regional hydrometeorological center also clarified that there is a high probability of fog at night and in the morning.

The report noted that on this day, the wind direction in the region is expected to be mainly westerly, and the blow will be moderate. At night from 4 frost to +1, in the south up to +5 degrees, in the afternoon the air will warm up to 6 … 11 C; in the mountains at night 5 … 7 frost, in the daytime closer to zero degrees.

In Simferopol, partly cloudy weather today, forecasters do not promise precipitation. Wind from the west, 7-12 m / s. At night -1 … -3, during the day the air will be warmed up to + 6 … + 9 heat.

Cloudy weather with clearings is expected in Sevastopol this Sunday. No rain or sleet expected. Cold wind, north wind 6-11 m / s. At night 1 … 3 heat, in the daytime + 7 … + 9 degrees.

The South Coast is also partly cloudy. Probable light precipitation. Wind from west direction 7-12 m / s. At night + 3 … + 5, and in the daytime the thermometer will reach + 8 … + 10 degrees.