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Are you living with your full potential? If so, you are living a life created for you to enjoy. If not, you are who you are, your relationships, your environment, what you have done to reach your full potential, and you live that kind of life. You should evaluate everything about your life, including things that may be hindering you. I want you. Evaluation is needed to prepare and position you to pursue the best human experience that all humans deserve to enjoy and to begin to insist. In order to pursue, assert, and enjoy something in life, we need to identify obstacles that can be limiting or disturbing. A vision is needed to identify these obstacles. If you’re not sure how to get the fun life you want, you’ll continue to stumble upon a lifestyle, but you won’t be able to reach this particular goal. One of the most devastating barriers that keeps people from achieving their goals is to enjoy strength, purpose, and a fulfilling life. It’s a chaotic / drama life. A drama-filled lifestyle will, over time, deplete the lives of those who allow Pinoy Lambingan to dominate their personal journey. However, it is not uncommon to confuse the joy that people seek by living a fulfilling and enjoyable life with a drama that inhales life and relationships.

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If you think a drama is exciting, you need to know a description of a drama-filled relationship. Next, consider that the following descriptors can be obstacles that prevent you from enjoying your life optimally.


  • Addiction
  • completion
  • Sacrifice
  • unstable
  • Emotional confusion
  • Interdependence
  • Uncertainty
  • unreasonable
  • erase

The toxic relationship is “disease attachment” and one of the main elements of illness attachment is “drama”. To fully understand the collapse of drama-filled relationships requires knowledge of the truth and myths about drama, and how drama affects relationships. You may be wondering why I relate relationships to optimal life experiences, so let me explain. Since our relationships revolve around everything that happens in our lives, it is important to understand the consequences of drama affecting every part of our lives. Drama can be defined as joy, but it is important to reject the idea that “drama” in a negative context should be everywhere in a rich lifestyle.


When an individual accepts and accepts a TV drama in his personal life, he can be confident that it will eventually spread to other parts of his life. Unchecked plays will not be loaded. For example, when a personal drama spreads to an individual’s professional life and becomes dominated by chaos, it loses focus. Errors made (unnecessary and / or minor errors, and very large dropouts); excessive absence is a problem that prevents the timely completion of the project. Excessive personal phone calls can confuse the workplace and become a problem. Or, those whose lifestyle is dominated by drama can become unstable in attempts to hide the drama. These people want to be seen by their employers in a particular way (for example, highly valued) and are embarrassed when authoritative people learn of their dramatic lifestyle.  Personal drama begins to influence work performance, regardless of skills and talents that may have been valuable to the employer in the past, due to the current performance decline that is the result of a drama-filled lifestyle. Employees will be considered incompetent. In most workplace cultures, compensation is performance-based. Therefore, when a personal drama affects work performance, it directly affects profits. When considering employees for promotion opportunities, employers want people to represent them well.


They want to reassure promoted people to handle the pressure well. They come to work on a regular basis and don’t call unscheduled holidays often. And their employers focus, pay attention to the details, and leave valuable work to those who perform best. The drama that a person brings to the workplace can lead to demotion and / or dismissal. There are many stories of divorced, drama-filled relationships that ruined careers, lost homes, and lost family and friends.