Dr. Myasnikov told how much water you need to drink per day

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Doctor and TV presenter Alexander Myasnikov told his Instagram followers how much clean water a person needs to drink during the day to maintain health.

According to the specialist, in order to maintain health, it is necessary to maintain the balance of fluid in the body, replenishing fluid expenditures on time and in sufficient quantities.

“Simple arithmetic, like the law of conservation of energy:” How much of something has disappeared in one place, so much should be added in another place, “Myasnikov emphasized.

According to him, on average, at normal ambient temperatures, the human body secretes about 1,600 milliliters of fluid. With food (excluding drinks) and as a result of oxygenation, 1200 milliliters enter the body. The rest of the difference must be compensated for by drinking water.

“About 500 milliliters – so much moisture is vital to drink in the form of water, tea, coffee, wine, finally! Anything you drink additionally will be excreted by the kidneys or … linger in the form of edema,” the doctor concluded.