Dr. Komarovsky: antibiotics do not need escort

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“Harm reduction” for the body by other means is a delusion

The well-known doctor and TV presenter Yevgeny Komarovsky explained in his blog on a social network why there is no need to use other drugs while taking antibiotics. According to the doctor, the widespread practice of prescribing, in particular, children under the age of one year at the same time with antibiotics additional drugs in order to “reduce the harmful effects” for different organs is wrong.

Komarovsky claims that all antibiotics for such babies do not have a harmful effect on the body, the side effects from taking them are minimal, so it makes no sense to additionally load the body with other drugs. Therefore, no immunomodulators, antifungal or antiallergic agents are needed. And if the allergy still manifests itself, it is enough to replace the drug.

Widespread fears that antibiotics kill beneficial gut microbes are largely unfounded. Severe intestinal disturbances due to antibiotics are rare, only if you drink broad-spectrum drugs for a long time. At the same time, the parents’ efforts to force feed the child, and even put more fat in the dish, can trigger a reaction.

But in this case, the doctor says, the intestinal flora will quickly return to normal on its own, if you stick to the diet after the antibiotic intake is over, the Doctor TV channel reports.