Donald Trump’s wax figure removed from exhibit

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You will no longer see the wax figure of former President Donald Trump at Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum in San Antonio, TX. According to a local newspaper, the figure was removed from the museum’s exposition, as it received “visible injuries” due to “repeated beating”.

“When it comes to a significant political figure, this kind of problem occurs quite often,” Clay Stewart, a spokesman for the museum-owner Ripley’s Entertainment, told the newspaper in an interview. He noted that attacks intensified last summer in the run-up to the presidential elections.

These kinds of attacks are not unique, Stewart says, and there have always been problems in the museum’s presidential section. For example, the ears of the figure of President Barack Obama were torn off six times, and the nose of President George W. Bush was repeatedly hit.

The Trump figure was sent to the museum’s warehouse (where, by the way, the figure of the country’s first president, George Washington, is also kept) in July last year – around the same time that the statue of Melania Trump, installed in her native Slovenia, was set on fire. After restoration, the Trump figure will reappear on display. The museum hopes to receive the figure of the current President Joe Biden, but the work on it is not finished yet.

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