Dodon urged to prevent Moldova from becoming a NATO military foothold

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The left political forces of Moldova need to unite for the parliamentary elections in order to prevent the republic from becoming a NATO bridgehead. The former leader of the country, Igor Dodon, said this on Wednesday, April 28, in the Telegram channel.

“At the elections or by any other legal means, we must prove that we will not concede our country to NATO forces, because now, unfortunately, everything in Moldovan politics boils down to whether Moldova will become a NATO military foothold or not,” he wrote.

Earlier on Wednesday, Moldovan President Maia Sandu announced the dissolution of parliament, RT reports. The head of state said that early parliamentary elections will be held in the country on July 11.

According to Sandu, it is necessary to put an end to the chaos in which the republic was held by the outgoing legislature as soon as possible. After the elections, a responsible government will be appointed that can maintain a stable parliamentary majority, Sandu said.

This decision will allow residents of the country to choose a legislative body that will serve the interests of the people, the head of state added. The citizens of Moldova will follow the right path to create a developed and democratic state, Sandu is sure.

On April 23, the Moldovan leader called on supporters to prepare for protests if parliamentary deputies obstruct early elections.

The parliamentary majority in Moldova on April 23 did not recognize the decision of the Constitutional Court (CC) to dissolve the parliament. The MPs believe that when making this decision, the Constitutional Court did not take into account both its practice and the opinion of the Venice Commission of the Council of Europe, which qualified the dissolution of parliament as an extreme measure to overcome the political crisis. In addition, the parliamentarians adopted a declaration on the usurpation of power by three members of the Constitutional Court – judges Lyubov Shova and Nikolai Roshka, as well as by the chairman of the court Domnica Manole, according to the website

On April 18, the head of the Party of Socialists of the Republic of Moldova, ex-head of the republic, Igor Dodon, demanded Sandu’s resignation. The political force accuses her of an unconstitutional conspiracy against the country and the people – the Socialist Party defines the Constitutional Court’s decision to dissolve parliament as taken under pressure from the president.