Dodon outplayed Sandu and leaves to return

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Several new laws – on the status of the Russian language, the return of a billion, the retirement age, Russian TV programs – launched the process of Igor Dodon’s “rehabilitation” after the fiasco in the presidential race.

Having missed the sensitive blow inflicted by the votes of the diaspora in the last elections, the outgoing president, according to the classical rules of political struggle, was obliged to slam the door at last.

Dodon succeeded more – to lay a solid foundation for the PSRM in the light of the inevitable early elections to the Moldovan parliament.

“Gambit” and “Zugzwang”

Something similar has already happened. When Vlad Plahotniuc was expelled from Moldova by collective efforts last summer, Dodon and the socialists gave their right-wing opponents the government with Olympic calmness. Thus, giving the “technocratic” cabinet a luxurious opportunity to make a maximum of mistakes and sign their own incompetence. This “gambit”, as we remember, naturally led to a vote of no confidence and the resignation of the Maya Sandu government.

Sandu must renounce Romanian citizenship

Now, to use the chess terminology loved by Dodon, the socialist faction is driving the new president and the parliamentarians supporting it into a tough “zugzwang”. Since the more stubbornly the Moldovan right-wing and unionists begin to attack the newly adopted laws (on the status of the Russian language in the first place), the more consistent and relevant the PSRM’s position and slogans will look in the course of the upcoming campaign to the country’s legislative body.

“Each of the adopted laws is a real mine in case of revenge of the right-wing parties. If, due to unknown circumstances, these political forces suddenly become power, they will face the fate of sappers who, as you know, make mistakes once in a lifetime.

And such a fatal mistake will be any attempt to cancel or protest the adopted laws – be it the law on lowering the retirement age, on the Russian language, on the billion, “historian Mark Tkachuk draws the prospects for the adherents of President Maya Sandu.

On the eve of the last presidential elections, Sandu desperately needed the votes of the Russian-speaking citizens of Moldova (and, undoubtedly, some of them eventually won). This means that she could not help coming out with that memorable address to minorities that made a lot of noise. And – oh, she said … And “I will ensure the right to use your native language and study in your native language” and “we have many ethnic groups”, and even “people can celebrate holidays, including May 9”.

Voronin will not go to Sandu’s inauguration

It is difficult to get rid of the feeling that the socialists were drafting the latest laws, referring to the cheat sheet, where the theses from Sandu’s appeal are scrupulously spelled out – in order to respond to each of them with an appropriate legislative initiative. And now, if Maya Grigorievna will not only put a spoke in the wheels, but simply silently support attempts to challenge laws concerning Russian-speaking laws, she will only strengthen her reputation as a cold and calculating politician who easily refuses his own words. Even against the background of Moldova’s very free political morals, this is not the image with which one should try to form a loyal parliamentary majority …

Statement of fact

Regardless of chess games and political multi-moves, the law on the status of the Russian language, the return of news and analytical programs of Russian TV to the television air of the republic, the reduction of the retirement age – this is the minimum that Dodon and the socialists have long owed their consistent supporters.

The decision of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Moldova, dated 2018, which declared the status of Russian as a language of interethnic communication “obsolete”, was, of course, completely Jesuitical and thoroughly political.

Russian-speaking citizens of the country, especially those of advanced age, still desperately need the opportunity to receive official answers from government agencies or read instructions for medicines in a language they speak fluently. Whatever epithets the Constitutional Court defines for it, Russian is de facto in Moldova a language that ensures reliable communication between people of different nationalities. In Chisinau, in the Gagauzian Comrat, in the “Bulgarian” Taraclia, in the “semi-Ukrainian” Ocnita, in the Russian-speaking Balti.

The Constitutional Court did not begin to suspend the operation of the law securing the status of the Russian language

In addition, the “language of interethnic communication” is a recognition of the objective reality that has been taking shape for centuries, in which Moldova is a multicultural, multilingual country, no matter how mono-ethnic Romanian state it is seen in the theories of unionists. Dodon’s socialists, having returned the law on the functioning of languages ​​to its original version, simply stated a fact. It is not surprising that the Constitutional Court this time did not find justified the arguments of the unionist Octavian Tsyku, who tried to challenge the law.

There are probably no arguments in favor of resuming censorship in relation to many Russian television programs broadcast in Moldova. Since even the deputy Sergei Syrbu, who three years ago actively voted for the ban, now suddenly “regained his sight”, seeing the root of evil not in Russian TV, but “in unregulated propaganda within the country, when the population is misinformed about how things are in the republic.” An extremely fresh thought …

No replacement

The euphoria in which supporters of the right-wing parties remained at the end of the second round of the presidential election made many of them, including professional political analysts, gloatfully announce the imminent political death of Igor Dodon. The latter, less than a month later, quite convincingly made it clear that it was too early to bury him.

After all, we are now talking about a person who at one time, in a short time, was able to create from scratch one of the largest political organizations in Moldova, now still dominating the country’s legislative body.

After leaving the post of head of state in a couple of days, Dodon will undoubtedly re-head the PSRM, returning to his usual role (and, in the opinion of many, given to him better than the presidential one) of the party leader. Which, again, there is no doubt, will again lead the socialists to parliament following early elections.

Dodon will return to the post of leader of the socialists

Despite Dodon’s personal fiasco during the last presidential race, there is no replacement of the Party of Socialists on the conditional left flank of the political field of Moldova. Neither Our Party, let alone the Civic Congress, and the dwarf formations that have broken away from the Democratic Party are capable of pushing back and replacing the PSRM, at least for now.

Dodon, who has a wealth of experience in tactical and strategic maneuvers in the political arena, is likely to find an opportunity to at least partially restore the credit of trust in the eyes of those of his voters whom he managed to disappoint while sitting in the presidential chair. The steps already shown in this direction seem surprisingly thoughtful.

And therefore – Dodon leaves, long live Dodon!

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