Doctors warn about the danger of mental disorders after COVID

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Mental disorders are possible after a previous coronavirus infection. Anastasia Povtoreyko, chief physician of the Pskov Regional Infectious Diseases Hospital, warns about this.

In her Instagram account, the doctor explained that she and her colleagues began to identify alarming symptoms at the beginning of the pandemic. But the change in behavioral reactions was initially associated with fear of a new infection and an oppressive situation in society.

However, over time, doctors in different countries began to register psychopathies. However, they are not associated with low saturation, Anastasia Povtoreyko explained. Scientists from Oxford published their findings: one in five people who have had coronavirus are diagnosed with mental disorders. These are delusions, schizophrenia, depression, apathy and even unwillingness to live.

The changes are reversible, but not always, the doctor stresses, and pays particular attention to the doubling of cases of dementia three months after the detection of infection in a person.

Doctors all over the world are concerned about the problem, the topic has not been studied. In connection with this, a psychologist-kinesiologist appeared on the staff of the infectious diseases hospital in Pskov, and a psychiatrist, who came after extensive practice in Moscow, now works in the Velikie Luki branch. The specialists are ready to work with the relatives of the patients, the chief physician emphasized and wished everyone physical and mental health.

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