Doctors in Cherkessk cured a 99-year-old patient from COVID-19

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A 99-year-old patient was discharged from a COVID hospital in Karachay-Cherkessia, a local resident recovered after a course of coronavirus treatment, REN TV reported on April 20.

Local resident Evdokia Mashtaler was hospitalized two weeks ago in serious condition with bilateral pneumonia. The patient had shortness of breath and oxygen deficiency.

The first week Evdokia Stepanovna spent in intensive care, where she received anti-inflammatory therapy and oxygen. After that, she was transferred to the therapeutic department and set up an individual medical post.

The pensioner and her relatives expressed gratitude to the doctors and nurses for their professionalism and kind participation.

On April 9, it was reported that in Chelyabinsk, doctors cured World War II veteran Akhmet Rafikov from COVID-19. The 104-year-old veteran is already at home with his family.

A large-scale vaccination has been taking place in Russia since January. Vaccination is given to everyone free of charge. Earlier that day, it became known that the effectiveness of the Sputnik V vaccine was 97.6% according to the results of a study of data on 3.8 million vaccinated citizens of Russia.

At the moment, three drugs are registered in the country that allow you to get vaccinated against coronavirus infection: Sputnik V, EpiVacCorona and KoviVak.