Doctors have named habits that harm the health of the spine

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Many people are harming themselves by their usual behavior without even realizing it. Because of bad habits, you can provoke regular back pain or even a curvature of the spine. What aspects of life need to be revised to maintain mobility, read our material.

First of all, the danger is a sedentary lifestyle. If pressure is constantly exerted on the spine, and warm-up is carried out extremely rarely, then the consequences will be extremely negative. Try to get up regularly and exercise, advises “Volgogradskaya”. If pain has already appeared, then you need to contact a physiotherapist who will select a set of exercises.

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Another important rule that few people follow is the constant monitoring of correct posture. It was not for nothing that in childhood, mothers and grandmothers forced us to straighten our backs. This simple habit will help you avoid tons of problems in the future. Try to correct your posture at home, and when walking, straighten your spine and straighten your shoulders.

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It’s helpful to change the way you communicate with your smartphone – people tend to flex their necks very much. Because of this, the spine receives additional stress and wears out. Try not to use the gadget on the go, and at home, to reduce the curve of your back, move the screen 25-30 centimeters away from your eyes.

The wrong shoes can also cause the problem. High heels or flat soles can hurt both legs and back. To maintain a healthy spine, it is better to follow the fashion trends less and choose comfortable shoes carefully.

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A mattress that is too soft should also be considered a bad habit. Certain back problems can develop over time, especially in obese people. Sagging under the weight, the mattress makes you take unnatural postures. However, excessive hardness will also be harmful – experts recommend choosing something in between.

Follow these simple tips and your spine flexibility and health will stay with you for years to come.