Doctors gave recommendations on the New Year’s first aid kit and nutrition

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A New Year’s first aid kit should have at least two essential medicines – aspirin and sorbents to prevent intoxication after a hearty gala dinner. On December 26, the doctor-therapist Dr. Lapa told about this.

“Considering that on New Year’s Eve we eat and drink a lot so that there is no unnecessary intoxication after the celebration, we can drink sorbents. Then there will be no headache and the state of health will be great, ”said the therapist in an interview with RT.

It is also important to have blood thinning medications with you, as alcohol and overeating thicken the blood and overload the liver, she noted.

In turn, Doctor of Medical Sciences Nikolai Kosenkov noted that in order to avoid the use of drugs, it is necessary to observe the measure in the use of food and alcoholic beverages.

He called for limiting the use of carbonated drinks, which are bad for the pancreas.

“It is worth limiting the amount of champagne and mineral water with gas; at the very least, it is worth drinking food with these drinks. Carbon dioxide can activate chronic pancreatitis or cause acute pancreatitis, and this is especially true for champagne, ”said Kosenkov.

Excessive consumption of meat also complicates the functioning of the liver, so it is advisable to organize your diet so that you consume no more than 100 g of meat per day, the doctor added.

Earlier, on December 24, nutritionists gave a recipe for preparing “healthy” traditional dishes for the Russian New Year’s table.

They advised replacing or even removing some of their ingredients from the dishes to make them more useful.

Rospotrebnadzor specialists, in turn, recalled how to store salads.

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