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Surely, everyone has seen the commercials. What about the Lume Body Wash, Lumé Deodorant Facebook and Instagram campaigns? I don’t know whether it’s on TV, but I don’t spend a lot of time staring at it. However, their advertisements have stayed with me for a long time, leading me to believe that the products they advertised worked. Interest piqued my curiosity, and I ordered a free sample of Lume Body Wash, Lumé Deodorant to test out.

They can make any part of your body not smell, which is what makes Lume unique. Covering the fragrance with aroma, on the other hand, renders it incomprehensible. Baking pop and aluminum-free, lume is created with veggie-lover-approved toppings. Additionally, it has been scientifically shown to function for up to 72 hours at any location on the body (remotely).


Even though many of Lume’s products are scented, the scents remain consistent. As well as antiperspirants and Lume Body Wash, Lumé Deodorant, they also include bar soaps, stick antiperspirants, body washes, and even a clothes splash. To get this process up and running, the key ingredient is mandelic corrosive, an AHA exfoliant that lowers skin pH and provides antibacterial therapy.

Microbes on our skin, along with sweat or other organic substances, are the primary cause of foul odors. Because mandelic corrosive inhibits their growth, less odor is produced. As a mild corrosive, malonic corrosive is an excellent choice for an all-over antiperspirant.

A standard cylinder was too much of a burden, especially when there were so many different scents to choose from! As a result, I purchased the Sun and Sand antiperspirant cream box set, which had five distinct scents.


Everyone should be aware of the Lume Body Wash, Lumé Deodorant used in these products since they’re so distinct from most other products on the market, I think. As far as I know, the closest would be Drunk Elephant’s, Sweet Pitti. To a large number of people, the aroma that emanates from the open cylinder will smell… strange. In no way, shape, or form repulsive, yet there’s something bitter about it, too.

If you wear the item, you will have an odor that is similar to that described above. The scents were included to enhance the whole application experience. If you have anything on your body that doesn’t smell like a fresh tangerine or a coconut, this item will leave you smelling like nothing.

A lot of people were astonished by the scents of Lume Body Wash, Lumé Deodorant, so I realized that they weren’t that important, and I’d rather have something unscented since it doesn’t make too much of a difference. I read a lot of surveys before making a purchase, and many people were.

Why I purchased LUME.

This item was acquired for the sole purpose of making me think I smell amazing since I live in the desert and perform great activities. Usually, I’m dashing from the gym to my daughter’s school, cleaning up, and so on before I can even begin to wash my face. On the off chance that you discover your desire to dash to the market or Target with a fragrance that could be comparable to that of a sweat-soaked crash, it’s embarrassing.

It didn’t seem right to use antiperspirant under my arms, and body powder isn’t always an option with certain clothes. I needed something more effective. For my armpits and leg wrinkles, I use roughly a pea-sized amount of Lume Body Wash, Lumé Deodorant. This is because these are the areas where I sweat the most. When I share my sweat-soaked areas with you, I become a vivid shade of crimson. Immediately after my shower, I begin this routine.


As you’re about to learn, there is a difference between the smells of the NIGHT and the DAY. Prepare yourself. However, even though I’m still drenched in perspiration and wearing sweatpants that look like they’ve been peed in, my usual aroma has vanished. As far as I’m concerned, this is akin to being a god. Similarly, I’ve tried demonstrating to friends how wonderfully something works without using so many words like that.

Rather than using Lume Body Wash, Lumé Deodorant on my underarms, I’d rather use this lotion over the rest of my body. When I was doing out, I believed I spotted clumps of the thing on my thighs. Only a few times a week, so it may have mingled with something else or I forgot to put antiperspirant on and put on extra. The only thing that comes to mind is that this material ACTIVELY works on the body.

Does it work better alone or with other antiperspirants or antiperspirants? (P.S. They specifically say not to bend over or it won’t fill in.) Would you want to use it on your pits? It’s possible. Do your feet have a bad odor to them? This will be beneficial. Do you have a sweaty groin from the gym? This will also be beneficial. Is your boob drenched in sweat? Yes, you read it correctly. There’s also a benefit here. What’s that? I’m sure it’ll work there too.

Even if I could test its endurance to the most recent 72 hours, I couldn’t bring myself to do it. As a result of my oily hair, I need to shower regularly, or else I get breakouts. As a result, this is an option for those who want not to be bothered by the smell of their showers every time they take one.

When to purchase another one

A normal cylinder will be my next buy after this sampler runs to go. My second cylinder after getting these at the beginning of June is 0.75 oz., and I’m on my second cylinder now. So it will be a few more months before I make another purchase, but I am looking forward to using their body wash and garment shower treatment on all of my sports bras that still smell after being stripped and washed with oxy clean and Rocking clean.

Let Lume Discount Code help you out if you’re even somewhat interested in this product. The scents don’t matter to me, but assuming you do, I’d say my favorites were Jasmine Rose and Warm Vanilla. I was blown away with Coconut Crush, which was nothing I anticipated. Yes, not bad. Not one of the coconut scents I liked.


Lume Body Wash, Lume Deodorant may be found on their website, but they are also available on Amazon, where certain goods are eligible for Prime delivery or free shipping, making it a win-win situation for everyone.

Product Opinions

What I don’t understand is why the scents have a little acidic undertone. I don’t think it’s disgusting, but I’m sure you’ll be amazed by it! I’m going to speculate that the mandelic corrosive may have some influence on the fragrance. However, I am eagerly awaiting Steffanie from Brighter Darling’s thoughts on the unscented once she purchases it somewhere in the next week or so.