Do You Need A Rash Guard For Bjj?

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As the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) continues to evolve, the gi is becoming less common. However, the emergence of No-Gi BJJ and the MMA evolution has led to many practitioners wearing a rash guard. It could be worn as a solo torso piece or beneath your kimono. Either way, this article should provide deep insights into rash guards and when and why you should get one.

What is a rash guard?

A rash guard is a piece of tight-fitting gear worn over the upper body half. Rash guards are usually made with lycra or spandex-like materials to fit the wearer’s body tightly. When it comes to style, rash guards can either have a long or short sleeve design so that the wearer can choose based on their preferences. They are usually designed with flatlock and extended stitching to survive pulls and prevent chafing.

BJJ Rash Guard benefits

Improved muscle recovery

Sports science experts have proposed that compression wears improve significant muscle recovery after completing a strenuous activity. Conversely, BJJ can fall in the rugged sports category. Eventually, you are better off wearing a rash guard than when you don’t. It will be prudent to wear a rash guard when combining this advantage with the other benefits listed below.

Preventing bacteria spread and infection risks

Wearing a rash guard shouldn’t be a big deal in the present health-conscious climate. BJJ can be an odd sport in specific ways, considering the close contact you make with several people within a short period in a sweaty, hot environment. They are common infections like ringworm in grappling gyms, yet rash guard offers that extra layer of protection. Many rash guards also come with anti-microbial properties to remove bacteria before they reach your skin.

Mat burns protection

Mat burns are widespread and can be pretty frustrating. However, you don’t get burns only from your mat but also from your gi, especially when your rolling partner attempts a gi-based submission move. However, mat burns can quickly get infected and lead to more frustrating issues.

Take part in No-Gi BJJ

No-Gi BJJ is simply participating in combat without a gi. This can be challenging, especially when attempting to grip an opponent into submission since there is no fabric. To compete in No-Gi BJJ, you will require appropriate attire, including a rash guard and spats. However, the IBJJF has strict requirements concerning which rash guards are accepted for competitions.

Remove sweats and moisture

Rash guards can help you remove the sweats your body generates. You are bound to get sweaty during warm-up, drilling, and rolling. Sweats can make it tough to establish a grip on your rolling partner, especially when attempting a Kimura.

Final thoughts

The benefits of wearing a rash guard make it essential to wear one. If you need a rash guard for women, you can visit Habrok Sports for a rich women’s rash guard BJJ collection. Rash guards are helpful for your general training hygiene, enhance muscle recovery, and surprisingly, they don’t cost so much.