Do You Know What Are the Benefits of Stainless-Steel Washers?

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By Brandon

Washers have a very important role as a part of fasteners and are extensively used in manufacturing industries. The main purpose of using a washer is to evenly distribute the load or weight of a fastener almost like a screw.

Washers also have many other applications too and some of them are:

  • To create a certain space between the object and the head of a fastener to which it is secured
  • Reduce vibrations
  • Locking a fastener in place.

All washers may not be the same, hence users must choose the appropriate washers, for example, 316 stainless sealing washers must be preferred for marine applications.

While there can be several different types of washers available for use, however, most of them fall under any one of three categories:

  • Plain washers
  • Locking washers
  • Spring washers

Let us discuss in this post, a few benefits of using stainless steel washers in the fasteners.

  1. Stainless steel is corrosion resistant

Stainless steel never rusts or corrodes as easily over time as any other metal because of the various combination of alloys it contains.

Stainless steel is covered with a coating of chromium oxide, which serves as a strong defense against corrosion. Additionally, stainless steel’s surface can heal itself after being scratched. Because it is strong, stainless steel is frequently utilized as a crucial component in applications such as:

  • Electrical connections
  • Valve live-loading
  • Maritime
  • Petrochemical
  • Aerospace

Additionally, you can anticipate cheaper maintenance costs because it is durable.

  1. Mechanical properties

Stainless steel washers have got certain mechanical qualities that allow them to perform in both extremely low as well as high temperatures in addition to their resistance to corrosive substances.

In addition to withstanding these high temperatures, the material’s mechanical attributes also provide defense against friction, abrasion, and impact. Due to this, stainless steel washers are suggested for both high-temperature (up to 550⁰ F) and low-temperature (cryogenic) applications.

  1. Stainless steel is recyclable

The fact that stainless steel is a material that is recyclable and sustainable, should be taken into account. Because of its incredible endurance, stainless steel may frequently survive for the whole duration of a project, and at the conclusion of its useful life, it can be recycled.


Additionally, stainless steel does not leak chemicals into its surroundings since it is chemically inert when in contact with water. The material is perfect for uses like water pipelines and rainwater collection systems. For marine uses, 316SS seal washers are always preferred.

Due to its high strength, carbon steel is a common choice of material for washers. Steel becomes more tensile when carbon is introduced. However, stainless steel, has qualities that carbon steel does not possess, such as resistance to rust and corrosion.

Alternative metals like copper, aluminum, brass, bronze, and titanium are also available for washers. Washers can also be made from plastics like polyethylene and PTFE. It is critical that businesses and customers alike select washers made of the appropriate materials for their specific applications. For instance, stainless steel washers are probably the best option if moisture is a problem.