Do You Know What A CFD Trading Fraud is?

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Hey guys, today I have a personal experience to share with you all, though it might spread awareness, and I hope you find it informative and helpful.Suppose you do not know about it, no worries. I will help you guys understand and beware of such online frauds. CFD stands for contract for difference, and it is a financial contract that is a price settlement to be paid between the opening and closing dates of the contract. It can be easily manipulated, and people can lose their money which might seem impossible to recover due to certain boundaries and online scamming. 

Was I a victim of such scamming?

Yes, I know it is nothing to be proud of that I have fallen for an online scam, but I am honored that I managed to get out of it. This happened two years back at the end of 2020; my friends and I decided to prank random people on online dating apps, so we made a fake account and texted some people. One of them got so interested and started to text daily, and we began to talk a lot. When things got intense after a month, I wanted to tell him who I was, so I told him the truth, and that person liked me in reality, too, so things were as good as they could have been. We got close in 2 months and then on new year’s night I wanted to meet this person, but it could not happen because they lived in another city. 

I lost almost $15,000, but Chargebacking saved me! 

One day this person randomly started to talk about investing my money and future planning and introduced me to an online website where this person started to invest their money and that they have been doing this for a year and it is a safe website where my money could get double or triple maybe. I did not want to put my money like this online at a random website, but when this person insisted, I could not help myself but go for it. I invested $15,000 out of my savings at this online website told by the person; although they wanted me to support a more significant amount, the gut feeling never went wrong; I just knew something was not right. And this happened that when I logged into the account, it did not work, I tried to reach that person I met online, but they had just whooshed and vanished, leaving no sign behind. I got so hopeless and never thought of getting my money back, but then I came across a company that helps people get their scammed money back, and I reached out to them. I am so thankful to them and their existence because I received my lost money within a week of approaching them. 


In case you face something like this, I am listing the link down below: 

And I hope this information helps you out.