Dissatisfied with the drawing up of the protocol, the great resident attacked the policeman

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A resident of the city on Lovati, dissatisfied with the policeman’s intention to draw up a protocol on an administrative offense, attacked a law enforcement officer. As the “MK in Pskov” was told in the city prosecutor’s office, the incident took place last autumn.

It was possible to prove that in October 2020, the attacker was walking around the city in a state of alcoholic intoxication, thereby breaking the law. In this regard, the great resident was detained by the police. One of the law enforcement officers began drawing up a protocol when a man, hot with alcohol, pounced on him.

“The culprit ran up to the official from the back, grabbed him with both hands in the chest area, and then began to squeeze his hands, hugging him, thereby causing the policeman physical pain,” the city prosecutor’s office said.

And although the violence against a representative of the authorities turned out to be not dangerous to life and health, a criminal case was already opened against the great lover. The court, having considered his materials, found the rowdy guilty and ordered him to pay a fine of 15 thousand rubles.