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The concept of Digital Marketing presides on the idea that economy of a nation thrives on the growth of Digital Marketing in the country. There are enough models and ideologies that highlight the positive relation between Digital Marketing and economy models in a country. In this article we try to focus on the role that public and private sector played in evolution of digital marketing. 

India is already home to one of the world’s largest and fastest growing bases of digital consumers and is digitizing faster than many mature and emerging economies. India has 560 million active internet users which is second to China only. The growth of Indian economy is driven by the dual partnership of public and private sector economies. The public sector or the government organizations including the government itself has laid down measures to speed up the digitization process. The government has put up efforts to ramp up Adhaar which is a nation based biometric programs that link 870 million bank accounts with Aadhar card   to ensure transparency in the process of transactions.  In similar fashion the setup of Goods and Services Tax (GST) brings all transactions of about 10.3 million indirect tax paying businesses onto one digital platform. 

On the other hand we have the ever increasing role of private sector has been to make the digitized platforms more accessible to the people around the country. Reliance Jio was a private institution venturing into the foray of network provision at the cheapest rates possible for the masses. The idea was simply to ensure that majority of the public holds access to internet. As a result the data cost has plummeted and the mobile data consumption per user grew by 152 percent annually – more than twice the rates in the United States and China. 

As the private and public industries have played a role in stitching a tailor made platform for other business to flourish taking cue from their decisions. Many startups have cropped up to highlight the fact that ease and transparency in transactions can be made a part of daily lifestyle. For example there are new businesses and apps that use the marketing of digital products for daily use like cashless payment taking a cue from what government did with Aadhar linking bank accounts. Thus the advent of digital marketing has changed the scene in the foreground but in a way there were considerable steps taken to let digital marketing or in general digitization flourishes in India. 

As the role is being highlighted it is important to mention that there is huge disparity across states and across sectors in terms of internet users. In sectors pertaining to farming, construction the idea of digitization is still in the infancy levels whereas in sectors like Information and Technology, there are enough market leaders. 

The idea behind this article was to introduce the reader to the significance of role of public and private sector not only in growth but in the advent of digital marketing. 

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