Digital Marketing Audit: The key to growth.

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As a student in our education system there is only one way to distinguish between the intelligent lot and the average lot that is the marks they procure in the examinations. There is a separate debate on holistic assessment for children but the role which a report card play is an undeniable evidence of how important results are for a process to be deemed successful or not successful.  The same is the rationale behind developing a digital marketing strategy on the premise of success or failure in terms of attaining desires figures. 

It has always been defined that digital marketing strategy is pivotal cog in the wheel of building optimal business models. However we need to focus on digital marketing audit as a means to decide the digital marketing models. Now one apparent distinction needs to be made between digital marketing and digital marketing audit. The term digital marketing is synonymous to the process followed to attain goals which include the strategy used and tools involved. Whereas digital marketing audit is the report card that analyses the performance of various strategies to decide the strategy to be used. A digital marketing audit contains key information to help define or evaluate a digital marketing strategy. It can identify opportunities such as news channels or reveal insight into competitor activities and performance. 

The significance of digital marketing audit can be understood as a light in the dark room to help the company in deciding which option to opt for. In usual manner it is a pre cursor to “getting things done”. Whether you want to build a new website, activate new marketing channels or optimize what you are publishing – a digital audit can outline the business backed with data insight.

There lie a number of factors that trigger conducting digital marketing audit which presides on factors as:

  • Timing of audit whether quarterly, half-yearly and annually.
  • Structure of digital marketing audit which includes new management ,new people and restructuring of teams 
  • Performance is the factor which is key to focus on decision of digital marketing 
  • Strategic decisions are a key to focus upon in the direction of digital marketing audit
  • Relationships with focus on agency appraisal to start working on new agency.

The best mindset for conducting a digital marketing audit is that of detective. Cast a wide net at the start, meticulously follow the trails and leave no rock unturned. Thus audit must be investigative and comprehensive. For the channels like social media there us a need to perform research on channel and find company profiles and pages. Now the last but definitely not the least aspect for digital marketing audit is to define which element does the business wants to audit. 

There are various types of audits involved in the process as: Productivity audit, systems audit, task environment audit, marketing function audit, marketing system audit, social media audit and SEO audit. To decipher the domain to audit helps to narrow down the focus area and access the system.

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