Derek Chauvin’s Guilt: A New Beginning in the United States

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The guilty verdict of ex-police officer Derek Chauvin in connection with the death of George Floyd allows Minneapolis to regain some calm, according to one of its residents.

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“This is a new start in relations with the police, here in Minneapolis, but also elsewhere in the United States, and I think it will have profound consequences,” Jérôme Château, entrepreneur and administrator of the Chamber, said on Wednesday. Franco-American trade and industry from Minnesota.

“For decades, the city has never managed to control its police,” he added in an interview with QUB radio.

Jérôme Château recalls that the former mayor of the city, Raymond Thomas Rybak Jr., in office until 2013, regretted the day after George Floyd’s death not to have been able to reform the police force.

“He had been mayor for 12 years and for 12 years he tried to control the police and he failed. He considered it to be his biggest failure, ”insisted Mr. Château.