Derek Chauvin to spend most of his time in cell, one hour a day of exercise, corrections officials say

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Derek Chauvin, the former Minneapolis police officer convicted in the murder of George Floyd, spent his first night in custody Tuesday as he awaits sentencing… then he’ll spend the majority of his time in his prison cell. 

Chauvin, 45, is being held in the Minnesota Department of Corrections Oak Park Heights facility in Stillwater, the state’s only maximum-security facility. He remains on “administrative segregation” status for his safety and is assigned to the prison’s administrative control unit, a Department of Corrections spokesperson told Fox News. 

Derek Chauvin booking photo. (Source: Minnesota Department of Corrections)

Derek Chauvin booking photo. (Source: Minnesota Department of Corrections)
(Minnesota Department of Corrections)

“Administrative segregation is used when someone’s presence in the general population is a safety concern,” the spokesperson said. “It’s unknown how long he will be there.”

As of Wednesday, there were 41 inmates in the ACU and all cells and monitored by cameras with corrections officers making rounds at least every 30 minutes. The facility has a total of 349 inmates, as of Wednesday. Most are serving sentences for homicide, assault and sexual criminal misconduct, in addition to other offenses, according to a Daily Inmate Report

A cell in the Administrative Control Unit in the MCF-Oak Park Heights facility. 

A cell in the Administrative Control Unit in the MCF-Oak Park Heights facility. 
(Minnesota Department of Corrections)

Chauvin is being housed in a cell by himself and will not have contact with other inmates, officials said. Items allowed in ACU cells include clothing, footwear, towels, bedding, writing paper and pen as well as toothpaste, soap, deodorant, shampoo, a comb and a restricted housing packet, according to the Department of Corrections website. 

Photos of a typical ACU cell feature a toilet and sink, a small shower area and a sleeping space. Inmates are given a cushion that serves as a mattress. The cells are sealed off by a door with bars, which is separated by a small space with another door, according to the images. 

For exercise, Chauvin will be allowed out of his cell on average for one hour each day alone, corrections officials said. 


His meals will be delivered to his cell. The most recent prison food menu consists of traditional breakfast items like cereal, pancakes, eggs and toast. For dinner, inmates are served pasta salad, Asian cabbage and mixed vegetables, among other items. 

Chauvin was remanded in custody after a Hennepin County jury convicted him of second-degree unintentional murder, which carries a maximum sentence of 40 years, third-degree murder, which carries up to a 25-year sentence and10 years for second-degree manslaughter in connection with Floyd’s death. The verdict was met with celebration by Floyd’s family, law enforcement figures and lawmakers, the public at large and President Biden


Chauvin is expected to be sentenced in June, though no precise date has been given. 

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