Deputy Minister of Culture spoke about the fight against ticket speculators

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The Ministry of Culture plans to prepare a bill to effectively combat duplicate ticket sites. Alla Manilova, Deputy Minister of Culture, spoke about this in an interview with Izvestia.

– On the basis of the first law, we will go to the second law, “on the shore” we will go to the leadership of the State Duma, so that the factions support us. Until we put the twin sites outlawed, our citizens were deceived, deceived and will continue to deceive. But here we need the help of colleagues from the Ministry of Digital Science, – said the Deputy Minister.

It is about sites that imitate the official pages of cultural institutions, she explained.

– You will never find the difference between the site of the famous Moscow Philharmonic and the twin site. A ticket, which costs 1,800 rubles on the original website, is offered for 12,000 rubles on a fake one, – said Alla Manilova.

She clarified that, most likely, the new law can be adopted in 2022.

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