Deputy Head of Administration of Pskov: The beginning of the restoration of the Pskov Technical Lyceum has been delayed

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The start of restoration work in the building of the Pskov Technical Lyceum was delayed. This was announced live on the radio station “Echo of Moscow” in Pskov in the program “Interlinear”, said the deputy head of the administration of the city of Pskov, Alexander Konovalov.

He explained that the process of “selling” works for the reconstruction of the Pskov Technical Lyceum was delayed for a number of reasons. Only on May 21, the deadline for submitting applications for competitive procedures for restoration will end. The agreement, according to the guest of the studio, is planned to be signed, in the absence of complaints from the OFAS, by mid-June.

“The object is not simple, there were a lot of complaints about the terms of reference. Since the building is an architectural monument, there are significant security obligations. And those potential participants who submitted documents actively complained about the site and asked to either clarify or change positions that they considered incorrect. We had to consider them by a commission, ”Alexander Konovalov described the problems that had arisen.

By the way, due to such a delay, PTL students will not have to move to a new building during the school year. They will be able to finish their studies in this building, and in the new academic year, as planned, they will move to the building of Pskov State University at Nekrasova, 24.