Dentist dispels popular toothpaste myths

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Dentist Aleksey Antipenko, in an interview with “Reedus” on Tuesday, April 20, dispelled a number of popular myths about toothpastes.

According to the doctor, it is impossible to whiten teeth, get rid of caries and solve the problem with bleeding gums using toothpaste.

“What is called whitening toothpaste is, to put it mildly, slyness. In fact, this is just a cleansing paste, ”said Antipenko.

The specialist added that toothpastes for periodontal disease are a kind of slyness on the part of manufacturers. Instead of buying periodontal toothpastes, the doctor advised the person suffering from bleeding gums to visit the dentist for a specialist to remove the stones that provoke it.

Despite the fact that pastes for sensitive teeth, according to the expert, really work, they contain components that give only a temporary effect. The same goes for anti-caries fluoride toothpastes. Among them there are those whose composition contains concentrated and effective substances, but they cannot stop the spread of caries and cure it. Only diet correction, that is, reducing the consumption of sugary foods, helps with caries.

The doctor also said that the effect of narrowly targeted expensive toothpastes and those sold in stores is approximately comparable. Here it is important to determine the reliability of the manufacturer, regardless of whether it is imported paste or domestic. The doctor noted that among Russian companies there are those who have been working for 60 years, and they can be trusted, the website notes.

On April 15, the chief doctor of the dental clinic, Ilya Antonov, spoke about the best ways to brush your teeth. According to him, it is important to consult a dentist on the issues of brushing teeth, who can assess how correctly a person is doing it, and also give the necessary recommendations.