Demons infiltrated PDS protesters on the eve of Easter

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During Holy Week, PDS protesters staged a dance in front of the Constitutional Court

Patriarchal Moldova respects traditions and the majority of the population, even among non-believers, try to comply with some of the restrictions that believers should not violate. The current week according to Christian tradition is considered “Passionate”, when believers remember the passion of the Lord: the betrayal of Christ by Judas, loneliness and prayer until bloody sweat in the Garden of Gethsemane, arrest, unjust condemnation of Christ to death on the cross, instability and even the renunciation of him by his closest disciples, his Way of the Cross – that is, literally the road with a cross on its back to Golgotha, crucifixion, death on the cross, burial. The event of the resurrection of Christ is already celebrated with Easter, the feast of the Bright Resurrection of Christ.

Therefore, many explained the bacchanalia organized by Sandu’s supporters near the building of the Constitutional Court by the fact that demons must have infiltrated the PDS activists …