Democrats and mainstream media smear Republicans with false claims of Russia collusion, again

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Fox News Primetime” host Pete Hegseth said the mainstream media are the real “useful idiots” after retracting their “fake news bombshell, claiming that the FBI warned Giuliani he was a Russian pawn.”  

PETE HEGSETH: There is a term for the type of person used by criminals… To do their dirty work.  “the useful idiot.” In order to qualify as a useful idiot, you must be easily persuadable. You can’t ask a lot of questions… And you must do whatever a complete stranger tells you to do, no questions asked.  

The Russians love useful idiots – the phrase has been attributed to Lenin – stupid people, who make great tools, in executing a sinister plot. 

 For years— our media was convinced that Rudy Giuliani was a useful idiot — to Vladimir Putin 


But over the weekend we learned who the real idiots are, and it should come as no surprise, they are members of the so-called mainstream press. Specifically – reporters like Maggie Habermann of the New York Times, and Ellen Nakashima of the Washington Post. You may recognize those names. They’ve been “investigating” president trump’s “Russian ties” for years.  

But over the weekend, they suffered quite a setback and were forced to retract their latest fake news bombshell, claiming that the FBI warned Giuliani he was a Russian pawn. Now, nobody serious believed that story anyway. It had all the hallmarks of a deep-state deep-fake, citing “people familiar with the matter,” “current and former u.s. officials, “or one of our favorites… “an American official.” 

 I can’t think of anything less specific! Sure, a good journalist protects his or her sources, but they also check their facts. That clearly did not happen in this case — as with many others. And when that bombshell fell in their lap, they bought it hook line and sinker. They did not ask questions, and they disseminated the disinformation that was provided to them… To millions of people around the world. Just as intended. 

Because to the deep state — these so-called “journalists” — are the most useful idiots of all. 


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