Democratic senator admitted to prosecute Trump

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US President Donald Trump can be brought to trial, and that would be better than impeachment. This was announced on the air of CNN by the Democratic Senator from West Virginia Joe Manchin.

According to the politician, there is no point in impeaching Trump, since Congress will not have time to complete the procedure before the coming to power of President-elect Joe Biden.

As Manchin added, it is better to “go through the courts.” “No one is above the law. If people died, all this damage was caused, there was an uprising in our capital. Someone should be held accountable so that this never happens again, or in any case never comes to our country again, ”the politician stressed.

Earlier in the day, Stanford University political science professor Morris Fiorina said US Vice President Mike Pence did not intend to initiate the removal of Trump under the 25th Amendment, and the impeachment would not be approved by members of the Senate.

On January 7, the US Congress approved the election of Biden as President of the United States. The approval took place against the backdrop of unrest in Washington: the day before, Trump supporters broke into the Capitol.

Five people were killed in the riots, including two policemen. Later it became known that the Democrats intend to impeach the incumbent head of state for “incitement to mutiny.”

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