The Deconstruction of iPhone by Apple Throughout The Years

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The iPhone 2G is considered to be the first revolutionary smartphone in the tech market. It was released in 2007 and it had a 2-megapixel camera with a 3.5-inch display. As the new iPhones kept releasing, It seemed as if the popular features that the iPhone was famous for dropped. With the iPhone 13 being released now features and specs have changed a great deal and here is how Apple has deconstructed its iPhone throughout the years. In this article, we will study how Apple did that over all the years.

Goodbye Headphone Jack, Hello AirPods

As Apple released new iPhones over the years, there were some things that the users liked a lot and some that people did not. Despite all the good changes there are certain things that people miss about old apple smartphones. One such thing is headphone Jack. All of the apple phones came with the Jack through which the users could connect world headphones. But suddenly the slot was removed since the iPod came out. Many users were baffled by this news and the iPhone 7 did not have a slot to plug in headphones. They were curious and worried as well about the fact that why and how did Apple decide to eliminate the headphone, Jack. Upon asking, Apple said that they decided to remove the headphone Jack because they wanted to be innovative and smart in the smartphone industry and different from everyone else.

Other companies and users argued that this decision was taken by Apple because they wanted their phones to look sleeker, water resistant and have more speakers in them. Air pods were one such addition. It wasn’t a bad decision at all because they were stress and tangle free but this was a change that people could not digest at first.

When The Home Button Got A Makeover

The home button of the iPhone repair, which was very famous back in its time, was also redesigned in the new smartphones. This step was also taken in order to make the smartphone look more sleek.

In the first few models, Apple introduced a square home button. After that when Apple released its iPhone 5, a circular home button was introduced instead. A few other tweaks were made to the home button as well but in iPhone 7 not only did the headphone jack was removed but the home button was also removed. There was a button-like spot but it wasn’t a button because it had a feedback engine which gave users the impression of a fake click.

And When the Home Button Disappeared

At first the home button impression was acceptable for the users but as the iPhone 8, 8 plus and X were released within months the home button was removed from them. Many people kept wondering why the button was removed entirely and Apple only said that it wanted to be more advanced in the smartphone industry. Another thing that was kept in mind was that the users will no longer have to worry about home button repairs. It also means that there will be more screen space with the minimalistic look that many companies are striving for in their smartphones.

The button being removed left people in confusion about how they will navigate and unlock their smartphones without fingerprints on the screen.

A Different Type of ID

With the home button and touch ID being removed people wondered what they did. So, what Apple did was introduce 3D mapping to identify your facial structure and use face ID in order to open your smartphone. This was a very big advancement in the tech market and people went crazy about hearing this news.

What’s Next for the iPhone?

Rumors are that Apple is working on removing the charging board and replacing it with a MagSafe charging system. MagSafe delivers fast and reliable charging to your iPhone with the help of a magnet. If this gadget becomes more prominent then Apple is more likely to use it for all of its upcoming models. This will make the next iPhone’s port free, and essentially waterproof. Basically, Apple With its smart upgrades will let you get rid of all the wires in your life. Isn’t it wonderful?