DDT has released a clip about 2020 filmed in Murino

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The DDT group has published on its official YouTube channel a video for the song “2020”, filmed in the autumn in Murino, Leningrad. The shooting took place in a local unfinished building and in a vacant lot near the city.

“The year 2020 is leaving, being baptized, but our lungs, as before, are light”, – the musicians state in the first lines. They sing about how they “buried the untimely fallen”, that the sky is now “so near and far”, and people were forced to watch the fireworks via Instagram.

“The world has changed, it has become different”, – the musicians state. It should be noted the ingenuous motive and simple words immediately sink into the soul and begin to spin in the language.

In the five minutes that the video is running, DDT managed to show the apartment building (the most common format of meetings against the background of concert bans), sang in the unfinished and in the vacant lot. In general, where there are few people. Everything, as the Rospotrebnadzor orders.

frame from clip

As Yuri Shevchuk himself said earlier, the song was originally called “Summer”, but due to the prolongation of the pandemic and the advent of the second wave of coronavirus, it was renamed “2020”.

“It was a difficult year: the crowned man, isolation, everyone was at home, everyone is now kind of torn. But this year is passing, everything has changed, and there is hope ahead. Optimism. This is what this song is about “, – Shevchuk said.

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