Dairy Union of Russia and the operator of “Honest Znak” agreed to strengthen preparation for labeling

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The Chestnoy Znak operator and the Dairy Union of Russia signed an agreement on cooperation in the implementation of labeling of dairy products. Its goal is a painless transition of the dairy industry to labeling.

“Experience shows that the success of labeling implementation depends on two factors – early preparation and full awareness. This is exactly what our agreement is aimed at, because the operator is interested in making the enterprises comfortable. Now there are 1200 manufacturers in the “Honest Sign”. The main focus is on the ice cream and cheese factories, as they enter the labeling first. We hope that cooperation with the Dairy Union will help to resolve many issues, ”said Dmitry Alkhazov, Director General of Operator-CRPT.

“The agreement is just a formalization of our cooperation. After all, the Russian Dairy Union took an active part in both the milk labeling experiment and the development of the roadmap. That is why we achieved a postponement for traceability along the chain – and the CRPT went to meet us. There is no need to count on the postponement, it is necessary to test the necessary processes as actively as possible, ”said Lyudmila Manitskaya, chairman of the board of directors of the Russian Dairy Union.

The rules for labeling dairy products were approved by the government decree No. 2099 of 12/15/2020. They provide for the beginning of mandatory labeling of cheese and ice cream from June 1, 2021, products with a shelf life of more than 40 days – from September 1, 2021, products with a shelf life of less than 40 days – from December 1, 2021. At the same time, batch accounting is planned to be introduced from September 1, 2022, piece accounting (except for perishable products) – from December 1, 2023. From January 20, all interested enterprises can mark any products on a voluntary basis, before the onset of the obligation, the operator issues codes for free.