Cynologist named toys dangerous for dogs

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The Russian Cynological Federation (RKF) told which toys can harm the health of dogs.

According to RKF President Vladimir Golubev, if you choose the wrong toy, the dog can harm itself.

So, toys with small parts that the animal can accidentally swallow are dangerous for dogs.

“Therefore, any toy that has buttons sticking out or plastic eyes, antennae and other small parts are not suitable for safe playing with a dog,” the expert noted.

He also urged to pay attention to the material: when buying, preference should be given to toys made from natural materials – cotton, wood, dried veins, soft rubber, latex and silicone.

It is also important to match the size of the dog’s mouth.

“Swallowing a small ball is not difficult for a large dog. And if such a ball does not have a special rope, then there is a risk of suffocation if the ball accidentally slips down the throat. Such toys are not worth buying, “RIA Novosti quotes Golubev on October 19.

The plastic bottles that many dogs love can also lead to injury. A pet can tear a mouth with a bottle, and teeth grinded against it will begin to hurt over time.

Golubev also urged dog breeders to avoid thin rubber balls, jumping balls, discs made of fragile plastic. Such toys, according to the expert, can be toxic. In conclusion, Golubev advised not to leave the pet alone during the game.

On October 12, the President of the RKF gave recommendations on the education of a guard dog. The dog handler drew attention to the fact that the dog should not be constantly on a chain or in an aviary.

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